Surf Retreat


into your soul

Surfing may reveal for you stuff that you don't want to see, hear or feel. It is a sacred medicine that may change you inside out.
When you decide upon this retreat you already take a lesson about yourself - you have inside a courage to take a leap into the unknown.
With your decision you set your internal fire, the transformation process begins for you.
Courage is something we will train every day as going into the wild ocean is a real courage. I actually like using word ‘couraging’, as for me it is an activity, it is not your state of spirit or emotion.
So we will be couraging every day to face the unpredictable - ocean waves and parts of our souls.

surf into your soul


The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to yourself & your adventure.


‘You create your own luck, if you just put yourself out there. I just want to be there trying. Again, and again and again. Trusting that eventually it will happen for me’

How does it feel to fall? Fail? Again and again? What will happen when you will leave expectations? Can you just trust yourself and the process? Can you honour the way you find yourself in the unpredictable? How demanding  are you towards yourself? Towards others?


‘Spacing out on my board keeps me hyper focused in every other part of my life’

In the world of constant distractions, stimuli, noise that disorients us, grounding with the ocean, being aware, conscious can actually be the way to hear ourselves. Waves as distractors can represent other person’s emotions, aggression, unexpected events and we will learn how not to get destabilised by them. Where in your life you disperse your energy?  Where you give away your power? To what? To whom? What will happen, if you take it back and focus? 


‘It’s more about pure clarity that comes from just being on the water’

What do you really want for yourself? What does world need you for? Do you know what impact you have on the world? People around you? Can you look ahead, being present in the now? We will learn to turn on clarity in the middle of chaos and uncertainty that waves will provide us.


‘You can’t make waves better, so it’s your job to take advantage of whatever comes your way’

The feeling that you are in control of your life generates great tension, so: Do you really believe in ebbs and flows in your life, or you have to have everything under control? How does it feel to let go? Do you believe that your dreams will eventually fulfill? Can you let go of being in control of “the when” and “the how” it will happen for you? When do you have to take action in the water and when to release? And how about your life?


‘Being completely synchronised with an extremely unstable event – a wave – is the most incredible and powerful feeling in the world’

You can take the wave or it will take you, but the moment of power is where you decide to take it – new wave can symbolise a new role, responsibility, new way of life… (becoming director, self-employed, mother, father, etc.) Do you trust your inner wisdom? What is blocking you? Can you release/leave that in the ocean? How does it feel to take the wave? How does it feel not to take it?



This is how our days on the "surf and the city" retreat will look like

Before asleep

You will receive a one page reading about each topic, to read it just before going sleep inviting dreams to reveal some insights connected with the topic of the day. You can also use your surf journal to put down your insights, gratitude so as to connect with those power moments during the year.

Before surf session

Every time just before going to ocean we will connect with intention/topic of the day and will ask ocean for permission to enter the waters and keep us connected with the intention. 

Once we will enter the ocean we will take a breathe and make an energetical reset immersing the whole body in the cold waters – releasing everything that no longer serves us…

Surf session

Most of the time we are going to famous surf spots like Arrifana, Monte Clerigo or Amoreira. Usually it takes 40 min to drive to our best spots. You will have a 1,5h lesson in the water and some additional 30mins for warm up, theory and cool-downs.

In the evenings

We will be seating in the circle (2 hrs sessions) and just being together, sharing stories, emotions from the day with a little help of meditation, auto massage and “points of you” coaching cards. We will be reflecting on all the stuff that the topic opened in you. And wondering what little practice can you take with you from the waves to your city life?This is exactly, like our ancestors where doing – making sure that everyone is seen and heard. This can be truly transformative experience: to say something out loud in the group of people, and just being witnessed by others. You will just observe during the day, name it in the evening, accept that and release it to the ocean the following surf sessions. And that transforming cycle we will repeat for a week. 

In between

We will eat together delicious breakfasts and dinners. And you will have free time for sunbaths, visiting Lagos, hanging around with people or simply being…

Daily timetable

If you ask me for agenda with hours – well, the ocean is setting our agenda every day. This is also part of getting more and more resilient. Sometimes at noon we will be after surf session or just before. And also every day the surf spot, ocean, maybe even instructor may change, but we will have stable evening sessions to investigate a little our souls experiences from the surf session in a safe space.

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So as to have raw surf experience we will be living in a real surf camp in Lagos called AlgarveWaterSports

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New Adventure

Coming soon: May, 2022


5 surf lessons (2hrs each) in Algarve, Lagos

'Surf into your soul' program

10 hrs of meditative sessions in a group circle

1 sunrise sup trip or sunset yoga on the cliff

1 yoga session


Half board: 7 breakfasts, 5 dinner at the camp


7 nights in double room or dorm

Surfboard & wetsuit

Group health insurance


capturing you in your strongest, most courageous and vulnerable moments on waves

Surf Journal


996 euro with "surf into your soul" program or 535-635 euro surf camp (surf, sleep and food and one yoga without program and listed extras)

Not included

plane ticket
join this adventure
tips for

newbie surfer

If you have never surf before, take a piece of information that will bring you peace of mind.

You can swim and feel great in open waters

It is actually the only MUST

You don’t have to be an athlete

 but let’s hope you do some squats and planks and upward facing dogs… at least few weeks before going on surf retreat

You don’t have to have any surf experience

and nope – kite, windsurf experience won’t help you much, but yoga and dancing a lot and a bit of swimming before going on retreat

You will be safely taken into waters

 first white foam, and if you feel the waves maybe green waves last day, just maybe…

Take two pairs of swimming suits

You will get a wetsuit and a surf board for your whole stay

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