Probably, you want to also know what this retreat will do for you?

I should put here a list of your pains that this retreat will heal, yeah?

Wow, the list of “you may experience…” is long and actually depends on you, your readiness to receive lessons and capacity, but I can assure you – you will receive exactly what you need and you are ready for –  nothing less, nothing more…

But ok, I prepared for you a very short one of “ thanks to surf and the city retreat you may”: 

  • feel more calm, stable, resilient and confident like you have never been before and you will feel it when you will be back in the city
  • feel like being washed (literally) in the happiness, because of cellar cleansing that will happen for you in the ocean (scientifically proven!) 
  • plunge into your depths to understand your inner kingdom and intuitive gifts, accept and use your inner wisdom
  • feel rejuvenated on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level as water helps release you emotions and thoroughly wash it over
  • experience sacred communion of masculine and feminine energies inside you, as surfing requires that balance
  • look under water to check how are you in your life, you may clearly hear your internal talk
  • vibrate really high during and long after the retreat 
  • experience deep connection with yourself, while being in the group
  • develop conscious responding without reacting to all distractions world serves you daily
  • experience it as a very strengthening practice when you are on a new threshold in life – you start over one of the dimensions or all of them: a new job, position, relationship, place of residence
  • experience polishing your character, taming your ego, strengthening your inner strength and physical strength
  • experience deep work with beliefs, concentration, agility, quick decision making, trusting and surrending
  • experience mellow, rapture, magic quiver, contemplative moments during retreat
  • see muscles in places that maybe you didn’t before
  • feel new quality of strength in your body
  • have a loooot of fun
  • not to mention the moments of pure magic in the form of a rainbow that appears exclusively on your wave

And last, but not least, DEITIES SURFED TOO, how about that?


‘You create your own luck, if you put yourself out there. I just want to be there trying. Again, and again and again.’



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