To be clear from the beginning – I’m not a surf instructor, but I know pretty good surf badasses! 


I do know how to design and facilitate experiences that rock and shake people’s world. 

I fell in love with surfing after very first lesson and I saw immediately so many dimensions of this extremely beautiful, yet demanding activity. 

I want to share surfing medicine with the biggest number of people out there who didn’t try it yet or who tried and want more.

 I want to take them for a self love and self discovery ride. Create for them safe space where they can reinvent themselves by peeling layers of blocking beliefs, fears, frozen emotions so as to get to real essence of their souls. I do believe that the power of ocean can transforms inside out. It will touch and show exactly what you need to see. It is like litmus paper for ‘how are you doing in your life?’ question. Very primal medicine that can give you many “aha”, deep, contemplative, magic and fun moments.

What is the big why for this place?

My future dream for this place is to take people to Hawaii – back to the roots of spiritual way of surfing with respect, honour and a will to listen and learn from the source of surfing medicine. 

With “surf and the city” program somehow I want to restore and prevent spiritual dimension of surfing, to help to perceive it and apply to our rushing lives in cities. I want to bring “aloha spirit” to as many places communities as possible.

I will release new lessons, spots – the concept will grow organically. I’m open for cooperations and directions that I even didn’t imagine.

I dream to create coffee table book with beautiful photos and surf stories from folks that would join my retreats. 

I want to create a brand NALU (meaning wave in Hawaiian) designing sustainable accessories and put the income to ocean cleanup foundations.

All of this will lead to creating community of surf and aloha spirit lovers that the world desperately needs.

Wanna co-create this dream? Let’s start with a very first step – give yourself a chance to fell in love with waves & go with me to Portugal. Yeah, Baby! 


Aloha” means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable.

Why the heck you should go on a surf retreat?

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