Postcards from first surf camps in Lagos 2018/2019

Do you know this feeling when you are already on holiday, but only with your body, and the soul needs a moment, a day, maybe a few, to reach and really rest and enjoy fully? I have it on every trip. This time, however, something unexpected happened to me.

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Surfing as a resilience practice

Being in the unknown is what we all experienced a lot last year. What we can do is to learn how to live with unpredictable. There are many ways, methods to strengthen our ability to adapt, recover, be more agile. But surfing can really shake all fears out of us and teach that when we focus on our internal kingdom, when we take care of our heart and soul, not only our mind and body. And then we can really be more resistant and resilient to the waves of life that we face.

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Aloha Spirit

„Aloha Spirit” is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the self.

Aloha is a philosophy of life. It tells that we should live in harmony with ourselves, with our surroundings, with nature and with the Earth. We are all part of Nature.

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