I am

I see you, world

quite differently

Hey you! I AM Kasia.

What brights my soul?

Helping other people, watching them developing because of the energy I share with them by being facilitator, mentor, creative force, space holder or by being a friend.

Creating new concepts, brands, places

Connecting dots, not separating them: work & life, masculine & feminine, freedom & system, mind, body, heart & spirit etc. Also connecting methods, tools, traditions, cultures. I can see almost invisible threads between even most distant dots.

Dancing, dancing, dancing on the ground and…on the waves.

I feel

A strong calling to be a person of service. To use the energy to spread love and hope in my corner of the world. I feel now I can use my power and create the change I wish to see through my actions. I decided not to hide my talents  & gifts any minute longer. The time is now to reach them and share with the world. Aho!

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. the other is as though everything is. you choose.
albert einstein 

Professionally I AM

Resilient & rebel leader with 15 years of experience in business as a hr business partner, marketing manager, concept designer, trainer, facilitator, lean/agile consultant, innovator, mentor. Always in international teams. Pretty nice collage, eh? Told ya, I do love to connect and include my private life in my professional. That is the way surf and the city came up to my mind and here I’m proudly presenting it to you.

Privately I AM

37 years old woman. Living in Poland. Newbie surfer. Natural born dancer and writer – I am Movement Medicine practitioner and MM study hub attendee, Polish School of Reportage graduate. Have some history with being co-pilot and navigator in hot-air ballooning competitions – probably soon I will design business retreat with ballooning. My soul for sure has colours of Californian sunset, but also many kind of flowers I wear on my fav kimonos. I’m constantly developing & healing with diverse methods, medicines and rituals. Surfing is one of them.

I design compelling and soulful experiences, brands & places

that transcend trends

I can

help you

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