Why surf and the city?

It’s like the idea to surf in the city? 

Hell, no!

You can’t control waves of life, so it’s your job to take the advantage of whatever comes your way. You’re gonna find balance & then you’re gonna loose it again. That’s the ride. That’s the essence of life.

And when you work on yourself, you actually do it for every person that connects with you. You can truly be for the  others, once you truly hear and see yourself first.

So I just want to take you on a surf retreat to Portugal, where we will take 5 surf lessons, obviously.  But also I will take you on personal transformation process – 5 teachings that ocean will reveal for you that you can take and apply to your city life! 

In our fast city lives we actually lost the mystery, the elegance, the spirituality of life itself. And when we loose those, we actually loose the direction. We do stuff in a rush, and we don’t realise what is actually happening for us. I’m not only talking about our daily agenda, but also the way we rest and try new things.

 The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

I want to help you reach for your gift. After surfing sessions I want to create safe space where we can breathe, embrace our emotions and hear our spirits. Surfing can reveal a whole lotta precious insights and moments that I will help you to catch, see and honour.

The very first minutes I tried surfing I felt that there are so many topics around this activity. I felt it deeply touched my soul. It is more like spiritual experience, not only the one engaging all parts of your body. So I put those observations into 5 lessons flow:






I will be holding space during this retreat in the evening circle sessions over the bonfire or at least a candle to dive into those inner wisdom lessons – one lesson, each day.

I enchanted intention of the project even in logo.The main element of the mandala are surfboards. In the middle of the boards we have eyes, a symbol of awareness, one eye in the other suggests looking into ourselves, experiencing introspection through work and play with the board. Their tips resemble fish spouts reaching for the balls. The balls that are trying to grab a food are a symbol of attracting and catching abundance in all dimensions: financial, spiritual, emotional. We also have spiral sea waves, which represents the process of going deep into our souls. The entire mandala together forms the sun. Colours of mandala catch the moment of entering the ocean – transition from the sandy beach to open waters.

Got intrigued in the idea?  Go on. Explore more!

 ‘Being completely synchronised with an extremely unstable event – a wave – is the most incredible and powerful feeling in the world’



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