Being in the unknown is what we all experienced a lot last year. What we can do is to learn how to live with unpredictable. There are many ways, methods to strengthen our ability to adapt, recover, be more agile. But surfing can really shake all fears out of us and teach that when we focus on our internal kingdom, when we take care of our heart and soul, not only our mind and body (with last two we start to do pretty well) then we can really be more resistant and resilient to the waves of life that we face.

How can surf retreat influence your business?

I do not want to write that the effectiveness, commitment and motivation of your team will increase, and the KPIs will soar, because those kind of sentences make me a bit sick;) but if you need them, I will put it in one sentence: you will shape and strengthen the most desirable competence in the upcoming years:


defined as: the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions, the speed of recovering from strong life experiences, mental capacity.

By the way I can also take you on the best resilience program (with slow jogging) provided in PL:

During surf retreat you will experience being together in a completely different way than everything you know so far, connecting on all levels: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. You will learn many lessons that you can apply to running your business. And, of course  you will have a lot of fun together too.

The ancients knew what we have forgotten: play Is part of what makes us human. Working too hard doesn’t necessarily lead to increased productivity or happiness or sense of community. Play is essential part of human evolution, because it opens up doors to creativity, spontaneity and visions of new ways of being in the world”. And this is the point that the magic can happen for your business life…

‘The best environment to practice resilience and acting in the unknown is…the ocean’

A good time for such a retreat is some transition threshold for the team: new boss, new project, merger, etc.

Let’s connect so as to co-create compelling retreat for your team. I will embrace your team context. Maybe we will even design a completely different flow of the program for your team.

Just let your people go surfing and see what happens…