Do you know this feeling when you are already on holiday, but only with your body, and the soul needs a moment, a day, maybe a few, to reach and really rest and enjoy fully?  I have it on every trip. This time, however, something unexpected happened to me. Ocean waves took me – literally;) and cleansed: my body, soul, the whole man. And they made me happy immediately and thoroughly. I felt like I was washed out in happiness. After the first session, waiting for the second, I looked at the ocean for two hours with a smile on my face and no single thought in my head. Who would have thought that the oldest water sport would satisfy a modern man striving to meet immediate pleasure? However, when it comes to surfing itself, it’s not so fast at all.  I met myself on the waves persistent, not giving up, stubborn as hell. I met myself respecting my physical limitations and a new pace of learning. But I also met myself demanding, expecting, which took away fun and lots of energy.  The primary, wild and uncompromising ocean required more. Physical effort? Also. But above all, he reminded me of focusing on what is inside of me, the feeling of self-confidence when external circumstances are not favorable – aggressive people, someone’s definitive emotions, unforeseen situations – destabilizing waves can symbolize all of these. And you are like a rock, you have this confidence and a clear task to do: 0 two additional paddles, 1. stand up on your hands 2. put your back foot on the board 3. put your front foot on the board and 4. stay low. Simple! And yet it required many attempts, waves on the face (though apparently pure “ajons” of happiness), fatigue, “you bitch” directed to the wave, but above all fun to finally stand on the board every time and even surf several times in white foam. All it takes is one ride on a surfboard, and you’re hooked. It’s all you want to do.


Welcome to the jungle! A large villa with surf “tattoos” on the walls, a swimming pool, and lots of places for chill, yoga and arbor for massage with the scent of white roses. The Baraka Bar with lounges lined with polyamide kites and boards on the walls is the heart of the whole camp. Don’t expect luxury, refurbished, designer rooms. Perfectionism is boring, not true, it covers something. And this is completely not in the nature of the surfers. Here it is authentic, imperfect, artistically – medium rare. Every day someone comes, someone leaves. Stories, constant jokes, joys or doing nothing at all. Your everyday life is embraced at the highest level. You feel well loooked after, listened by the support team – it’s strange to write this way about them, because these people are your mates right away. Oli, Sabinki and Beka are very efficient, they gracefully and with all their heart manage the whole surf caravan. I felt like a home full of freedom, magic and air.


When you travel alone, all it’s up to you. You see more, feel more intensely, you are more attentive, open to people and, above all, you decide by yourself. You create your own experience. However, when you recommend a place to someone or even take people with you, you take responsibility. I had no doubt that the people who decided to come with me (and they were not my friends who contain all the mistakes and misses) will be more than satisfied. I did not suspect, however, that they would leave in delighted, changed with transforming experiences. There was everything: surrendering after the first day, beginner’s luck, impatience, patience, steadfastness, fight with the waves, surrender to the waves, talk with the waves, shattered ego, big and small victories, lots of laughter and joy. I watched it all with delight. I experienced a lot on the waves and despite a lot of mindfulness and space I lacked the time to gather and stay with those experiences from the waves, to meditate them. I have a deep conviction that surfing shows vividly how are you in your life. What areas require attention and care. This is the deepest form of meditation known to me. The waves, in addition to cleaning and making the whole person happy, can be diagnosis for: the level of self-confidence or peace that you have in yourself; it is also possible to ruthlessly smash the ego or expose beliefs, limitations, expectations. That is why I want to serve an even more complete experience on site, so that everyone could leave with a wider and deeper insight into what they really experienced and what they can do with it. This is why my camp will be combined with surf thinking – self love coaching method. As surfing is a very deep immersion in oneself, while staying in a group.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
Jean Wallace

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