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and the city

“Surf and the city”? It’s like the idea of surfing in the city?
Hell, no!
Sometimes it’s good to do something extraordinary & different to reveal what you don’t want to see, hear or feel and those discoveries may change the way you live. And this is exactly the magic of surfing that can happen for you…

I invite you on a surf retreat to Portugal on May 2022 together with a family-sized group of 8 people, where we will be taking surf lessons. But also, facilitated by me, personal transformation process - 5 teachings the ocean will reveal for you, which you can take and apply to your city life!

Go on, explore the idea of surfing into your soul...

New Adventure

Coming Soon

Portugal, Algarve, Lagos

7 nights

May 2022

5 surf sessions

10 hrs meditative 'surf into your soul' lessons

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Why go


‘You’re gonna find balance & then you’re gonna loose it again. That’s the ride. That’s the essence of life'
Wow, the list of “you may experience in the surf retreat…” is long and actually depends on you, your readiness to receive lessons and your capacity, but I can assure you - you will receive exactly what you need and you are ready for - nothing less, nothing more…You may:

Feel more calm, stable, resilient

and confident like you have never been before and you will feel it when you will be back in the city

Feel like being washed in happiness

literally, because of cellar cleansing that will happen for you in the ocean (scientifically proven!) 

Experience deep work

with beliefs, concentration, agility, quick decision making, trusting and surrending

Feel new quality of strength

in your body and see muscles in places that maybe you didn’t before

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